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Marriott International is continually pushing innovation with their mobile app and this concept video to showcase what their team is capable of. We teamed up with graphics, animation, and post-production house Coat of Arms to bring their mobile app to life. 

Xeno Productions and post-production house Coat of Arms teamed up to showcase how the Marriott mobile team prepares for your stay even before you arrive. We've been expecting you.

Introducing the Budweiser Draught Stand.

Featuring the Bud Light Superbowl Social Tap that lights up when your team scores!

Meet the world’s most innovative luggage for the discerning traveler. A perfect harmony of form and function, Trunkster features a revolutionary sliding door that lets you instantly access your belongings in the tightest spaces. Trunkster also weighs itself, charges your electronics, and can be tracked globally. 

spread your ideas

Marriott's Food and Beverage team came up with a brilliant concept to build pop-up restaurants and concepts in their underutilized lobby spaces. Entrepreneurs from around the world entered into a contest to receive a boost from the Marriott team to make their dream pop-up concept a reality. The Marriott team asked us to capture their first four concepts in Phoenix, London, Dubai, and Shenzhen. 

Xeno Productions showcases Marriott's Asia-Pacific team's newest restaurant concepts and the Canvas program. 

A short film about Marriott's Canvas program in Phoenix.