Humanity.TV is an interactive app and documentary series about fascinating people around the world. Both co-founders of Xeno are the co-founders of Humanity Productions.

We've shot nearly 100 short films featuring fascinating individuals, breathtaking landscapes, and beautiful stories.



Marriott asked us to feature inspirational people around the world - and we created the You Inspire Us campaign, featuring locals in San Francisco, Paris, Berlin, Dubai, and Puerto Rico.

In this concept video, we showcase the beautiful city of San Diego through one of its locals. 

Founded in 2011 by singer/songwriter, Nisha, Fearless is an all art form forum for emerging and experienced performing artists. An exercise in bravery and transformation, Fearless serves as a litmus test for artists looking to push their boundaries in front of a present and supportive audience. For more information, please email -- Music by Nisha: